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A God in Stellarmass terms is one of the MUD's moderators. If you have a problem with another player, or an issue that cannot be resolved by the Help Desk Members, it is recommended that you contact one of them.

In Game Lore[edit]

Gods are the children of ‘Great Mother’, who birthed the universe and all its children. Many more advanced races are essentially atheist in nature, and do not really worship a God (Kalarians), but more Tribal races (Zuranians) and ‘Middle’ advanced races (Daemons) usually worship a patron God or Gods. The six Gods (Balance, Order, Chaos) exist as formless mass/mists, but take on a Mortal form when interacting with the citizens in the Galaxy. All of them are known to take interest in Mortal affairs and meddle accordingly. Some even live complete mortal lives along a race of their choosing, and carefully work in the background to ‘push’ that race in the direction of their choosing. Some can be found in Bars having a drink with the locals or cursing items to change a wearer’s sex and leaving them out for people to pick up. One known God has been known to release some ‘interesting’ creatures in towns now and then when things are slow. They are everywhere, so next time you see and oddly colored Zuraki giving out dungeon crawling tips or a weird human buying a round of drinks, they could be a god in disguise :D

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