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That damn Zuraki








4 and a half (Roughly equivalent to a young adult in Human terms)


No thanks- I mean: Genderless (Identifies as he for the sake of not being called an "it")


35lbs/2.1ft high (when standing on all fours)


Mixed Brown fur, Grey eyes

Distinguishing markings:

Sandy brown fur forms a circle around each eye, with a line leading down to his lower jaw.


I'll do a more in-depth description later.


Chaz is, for the most part, ever so slightly unhinged. After seeing a lot of strange stuff happening (Bouncers losing their heads and still standing, Angry Gardeners cloning themselves, and so on) it would be hard for him to -not- go a little bit mad. Prone to panicking and paranoia, Chaz prefers to avoid conflict where possible, going so far as to withdraw himself into a defensive stance and move violently in order to scare off potential predators. (Read: He curls up into a ball and shivers, occasionally squeaking). Being a techie, he uses his knowledge to build various kinds of defensive structures out of everyday items.


After leading a particularly boring life on Zura, Chaz decided he'd try to set out and make his way in the universe, setting off for the station of Warppoint. What awaited him there would soon drive him into a state of half-madness. After many scuffles with Angry Gardeners, creepers, and headless bouncers among other traumatizing things, he's taken to leading a more sedentary lifestyle aboard Warppoint, hanging out in the lounge and occasionally giving advice to new players when he's not staring off into space.


Apart from being a good advice-giver (Helping newbies and returning members alike when he can), Chaz is an okay shot with a pistol. His half-mad state has led him to be unaffected by some things that others might consider terrifying or horrible, simply because he's seen far worse things. Despite this apparent insanity, he's actually pretty smart, and enjoys building robots and gadgets in his spare time. He's also adorable and huggable, which helps him a fair bit in his position as a Helpstaff member.


Apart from his average marksmanship, Chaz is a pretty terrible fighter. He's also pretty slow and tends to be caught fairly easily by pursuers. His madness also brings with it the tendency for him to go catatonic when encountering extreme fear situations. He also clearly has no fashion sense, as he is almost never seen without a pair of custom-built sandals on his hindpaws. These sandals also provide a disadvantage in that he can't use his hindpaws for traction in a panic situation.


Chaz's translator is located in his jumpsuit, and makes him sound somewhat like John Cleese at its current setting. It could be changed, though he'd probably sound like Stephen Fry or Stephen Merchant instead. He likes his Brit settings.

As noted above, Chaz is pretty quirky in that he wears clothing that covers a large portion of his body (Namely, a jumpsuit and a pair of sandals.)