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"Don't be silly, of course this is Ethical!"




The Hobo Queen, The Quack and many more.








25 or 26






Reddish Brown/Purplish Blue

Distinguishing markings:

Two huge surgical scars over on where her breasts should have been.


From first glances, Coppelia could be easily be mistaken for being just a really short, effeminate man and it doesn't help that she has a deep sounding voice. She speaks with a heavy German accent that tends to be rather hard to understand at times, often making others wish Coppelia had a translator on hand. Her hair is rarely, if ever, combed out which tends to be rather long and matted. Coppelia has long bangs that tend to cover her eyes and other facial features. Coppelia likes wearing nice looking jackets and vests, which tends to contribute to the often confusion about her gender.


For the most part, Coppelia is basically a very unpredictable and stubborn individual. Coppelia tends to like having the last word in arguments and can never really admit doing something wrong. At times, she can be very blunt and brutally honest with people, tending to either make enemies or friends. While she does have her bad parts, Coppelia does have some redeeming qualities. For one thing, when a person manages to make friends with her, you can trust that Coppelia will keep her promises to that person and go an extra mile for them. She'll crack some jokes or pranks if feeling bored, preferable with a huge crowd of people at lounges.


Not much is known about her past except for being from Germany and coming from a very large and tightly close-knit family. It is rumored that Coppelia was probably once a brilliant scientist that ran a fowl with Earth Authority involving rather questionable research and had fled the planet. This is still up for debate and her friends have no problem with enjoying some of the more outrageous theories. Coppelia is currently a Hobo, hanging around the lounge and chatting it up with her buddies.


Coppelia has an incredibly sharp mind and can make a quick plan when needed to. This tends to help a lot when on the run from the local authorities or if she's feeling annoyed by others. She also excels in robotics and is known to enjoy building them once a while for sheer enjoyment. While being a rather lousy with shooting, Coppelia is, however, rather good with using blunt objects as clubs.


Like most Techies, Coppelia isn't much in the muscles department and will often follow a group when she needs something. As mentioned before, Coppelia is an extremely lousy with a gun and often misfires on her targets. She has a rather short temper and it will flare when the right buttons are pushed, this is where she usually runs a fowl with local authority. Her brutally honest statements are also a huge flaw since this has caused to make a few good enemies in the past.


- Coppelia doesn't have breasts. She doesn't like talking about it, but it is hinted that it was a prevention surgery.

- Because Coppelia came from such a closely knitted family, she is often seen with large crowds of people and is very social.

- Her current home right now is a Cardboard box.