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Kasabian by maniaconline-d39e1s4.png
"I guess that makes me the worst Springer in existence."




The Bad Springer












230 lbs/6'2"



Distinguishing markings:

Striped Tail

Criminal Description Report[edit]

Written by presiding Zarok officer 2896, precinct South Central.

"Kasabian (Zarok native #98475639) can only be described as the 'hapless' criminal, but by no means is he 'not dangerous'. Treat with caution. Kasabian was raised in South-Central Zarok, rather than his species home planet "Secco". Thus he is extremely suspicious, jumpy, and on an often hair trigger. Personality tests show inconsistencies in his moralistic behaviors, yet consistently high in compassion and loyalty. Read: Do NOT be fooled by his disarmingly kind or subdued personality. When cornered, Kasabian has exhibited franticly desperate measures to escape.

Criminal Record[edit]

The following is a small summary of incidents and warrants concerning Zarok citizen #98475639, aka Kasabian. Subject is wanted for the following: Theft amounting equal to or more than the value of 750,000 credits. Damage/vandalism amounting equal to or more than 543,000 credits. Vehicular assault on approximately 45 persons. Physical Assault. Assault with a deadly weapon (class C, biological). Conspiring with one, Iwayne Bander, wanted inter-galactic super criminal. Manslaughter. Felony Murder.

For a full record of incidents please contact the Zarok Criminal Authority: precinct South Central.

Personality Analysis Summary[edit]

Citizen #98475639's personality has been officially marked: Unstable

Kasabian's personality can be kind, gentle, and quiet. At the same time he exhibits rebellious and anarchical inclinations, bordering on the edge of metal instability, and even psycho-mania. The latter personality arch-types were often exhibited by Kasabian in stressful, intense, or pressured situations, flagging him as the 'hapless' criminal as attributed above. Calm and nice when left alone, but becomes frantic and unstable in intense situations.


Kasabian was born on Zarok, a decrepit moon-base outside of the Stellar Mass galaxy. It was here he developed his occasionally frantic and always paranoid personality from the many events of violence and danger around him. After several incidents on his home planet concerning a mad, Kalarian scientist named Iwayne, Kasabian made the decision to flee in search of his species origin planet, Secco, in hopes of returning to his species much more hardy, consistent, and even lawful attitude.


Kasabian has the uncanny ability to escape many situations, while also being a split second thinker. He is also kind and surprisingly well versed in poetry and stories. He is apt with weapons as well as hand to hand combat. He has also proven himself to be a intricate planner, as portrayed by his theft of over 700,000 credits worth of material from a Zarok government industrial facility.


Kasabian often becomes emotionally and mentally unstable in difficult situations he is not prepared for. He is also very indecisive, often letting the events around him control his direction. On top of this, he often shows again and again that despite being a good planner, he does not think of the imminent consequences of his actions, often displaying a 'shoot first, ask later' ideal.


In an attempt to come to terms with his rocky past and subsequent guilt, he is currently attempting an auto-biography, recording the events that caused him to leave Zarok at such a young age, and under the strain of so much legal trouble. The biography is currently being collected and compiled here by his proxy, a very confused and goofy looking human who works under the alias of CoyoteCaliente.