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"What is this, I don't even."




Keets, that weirdo


Rerack most of the time




The Cosmos


Not enough birthday candles in the universe :(


Likes to be female mostly


Skinny / Tall


Red/black feathers / Green

Distinguishing markings:

Dark coloration in any form


Like other Gods in the universe, at base form Keetah appears as a ball of light. Keetah however, loves mortals, and will mostly appear as a mortal most of the time. She prefers the form of a Rerack, with dark red base feathers and black markings. She has been known to take other forms, keeping to the same color scheme. So if you see a Red/Black individual acting somewhat odd, it very well could be Keetah.

She is highly amused by clothing, favoring things such as camouflage combat fatigues, leather bomber jackets, and pin covered fedoras. Keetah loves her hat as her most treasured item, and has been known to bestow similar hats to mortals who have caught her eye.


Keetah overall is a rather benevolent god. She enjoys granting blessings to well deserving mortals and is more likely to answer pleas for help. So, she's a rather warm and kind compared to other typical gods.

However, she does have a rather vengeful side. It's very hard to anger Keetah, as Keetah is also very forgiving. However there has been some instances that caused the universe to bear the brunt of her rage. Thankfully as an order god, she isn't particularly destructive, but she is highly fond of unusual curses. So if you see a mortal that is forced to always talk backwards or a mortal that has to dance everywhere instead of walking, it's most likely because of Keetah.

Overall she loves mortal company, and has lived out several mortal live spans along them. So you most likely will see her in a cafe or bar, enjoying drinks with the other mortals.


Like the other six, Keetah was created by The Great Mother in order to watch over the universe. She personally created the Rerack race, and views them as her children, hence why she prefers to take a Rerack form. She also headed the creation of most of the species in the galaxy, aided by her fellow gods.

For now she works with her fellow order god Arcalane in attempts to keep the other 4 from totally wrecking everything ever.

She is also rarely seen without Sluggy.


Keetah's biggest strength is creation. She bears the brunt of bringing new creatures and species into the galaxy. However she is a bit sloppy as times, and leaves the fine tuning and testing to her more skilled 'siblings'.


Keetah is not very good at the inner workings of the galaxy so more often then not she accidentally creates things that break physics or laws of nature. Thankfully she has the other gods to help her with that.

Keetah also has a weakness for sweets, particularly canned cake frosting.


  • Keetah once tasked a mortal with bringing her cake frosting, whom she greatly rewarded.
  • Keetah once broke an entire planet in ways you can't even imagine.
  • When not a Rerack, Keetah likes to take the form of a Springer or a small Earth bird.
  • Despite being a God, Keetah is really horrible with math.