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Welcome to Stellarmass!

We are all Star Stuff.

To Do

Hey Hey Hey

Hey guys! Keetah here. This is a WIP wiki for Stellarmass, but if you'd like to get to editing, you can use a template I've made in the To Do box!

Did you know...

  • ... that Hiploids, despite looking like the perfect organic glow-stick, react rather violently when you attempt to swing them around by the tail.
  • ... that Spacewurms are much more powerful than you might think? Low level individuals should be warned to take care when antagonizing these creatures.
  • ... that in the garden at WarpPoint there is a very, very angry individual who will attack your character for no reason?
  • ... that you can add your own "did you know" tidbits right here? OH WOW REALLY :O
  • ... that it is very easy to get lost in the universe of Stllarmass? (Either that or I have bad navigating skills. XD)


Hngggg what is this i don't even-