Mechaspider Family

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Mob Name

Area found in:

Mechaspider Factory (Level 15+)




Variable, mostly credits


An extended family of spider-like mechanical lifeforms with a social hive structure similar to that of ants or bees, the Mechaspiders come in a wide variety of flavours.

They cannot be disarmed, and are generally easier to hit with bludgeoning weapons.


The Queen is a massive, immobile Mechaspider that has partially fused with the factory production line in order to keep it operational and produce new variants. She is unable to avoid attacks, but regenerates health periodically, and retaliates with a powerful laser cannon that deals heat-type damage.

The Queen is the End Boss of the Factory. Destroying her yields a Data Core/Black Box that can be turned into an NPC for extra XP, money and a title.


A gigantic SUV-sized mechaspider armed with a heavy electrical discharge weapon that deals shock-type damage. The Titan is, like the queen, practically incapable of evading attacks, but is much tougher than you might think to compensate.

The Titan is the Mid/Mini Boss of the Factory. He very rarely drops his cannon in a damaged state, and it may be repairable by an NPC.


These insidious and sneaky spiders are always in stealth mode meaning you can't see them enter or exit, and they love to ambush players with their powerful molecular disruptor gun. Wallcrawlers are not particularly tough.

They sometimes drop a mangled disruptor gun, which will later be restorable into working order via a mini-quest.


The pyrospiders are equipped with a flamethrower system that is very inaccurate but attacks multiple times, meaning it has highly variable damage. Naturally, the pyro deals heat/fire damage.

The pyro's abdomen has been replaced with a large fuel tank. The tank is not explosive, but destroying/severing it will kill the pyro.


An uncommon support unit, the repairspider attempts to heal allies in battle, and can also attack foes with its welder fangs for heat-type damage.


A common grunt/soldier unit of the hive, mechaspiders are armed with a basic electrical discharge weapon in a turret mount, like their bigger brothers.

Ticks and Bugs[edit]

The smallest members of the family, the mechatick and mechabug are non-aggressive and largely harmless by the time you are ready to fight in the Factory.


Members of the mechaspider family only drop small credit rewards on death, but specific units may have rare drops that are unique to them.

Found in[edit]

The Mechaspider Factory.

Game Lore[edit]

A remote asteroid was tasked with the manufacture of automated/sub-sentient robots in the form of spiders. These highly-versatile and maneuverable mecha-arachnids are normally used for repairs and operations in hazardous environments. Emphasis on normally.

Unfortunately, something has gone wrong. Very wrong. A particularly large design (dubbed the Queen Mechaspider) has partially fused with the production line after engineers attempted to shut the facility down. The factory is still running, and producing a frankly disturbing number of now omnicidally-inclined robotic spiders every week. Worst of all, the designs have been modified with crude weaponry! Whilst the spiders cannot travel off the asteroid yet, it is only a matter of time.

The factory must be shut down. Even if only temporarily, the time will help cleanup forces keep the spider population under control until the facility can be destroyed properly.