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"Act “Tall” and people will start seeing you as being tall."












4 1/2




28/ 2'0" (Standing on all four)


Cream with Brown points/Burgundy

Distinguishing markings:

The brown Ferret-like mask across her eyes.


Considerable short for a Zuraki being only 2’0 on all fours, Rudy doesn’t seem to notice that and seems to think of herself as being a taller Zuraki. Rudy’s fur is trimmed somewhat short so she won’t end up over heating and such. The coloration of Rudy’s fur is a warm cream color with these chocolate-brown points and has the same color brown dashed across her burgundy eyes similar to a ferret’s mask. Rudy often wears a burgundy bandanna that houses her translator, however, there a two other outfits that she can easily transfer her translator over.


Rudy can be best described as a Springer in a Zuraki's body, which has both their positive and negative traits. The positive being that Rudy is a very hardy and resourceful individual that will say stern, yet calm bits of advice. Rudy is really dedicated to her college assignments and is very punctual in her schedule. The downside though is that Rudy is extremely easy to startle and will actually bite in self-defense if she thinks it is a danger to her wellbeing. Rudy is also a bit of a workaholic when it comes to college work and the only thing that tends to prevent her from staying all day in the campus Library is her volunteer work at the local hospital.


Rudy is the second youngest in the litter of four born on Seco four years ago. Despite being born on Seco, Rudy had a perfectly good and normal upbringing. She just simply picked up and developed some of the traits that were more commonly found in Springers. At about Three and a half, Rudy had started volunteering at the local hospital that her Father worked at and that was where she made the decision of picking up on medicine as a career. With that, after months of studying and campus hunting, Rudy was accepted at a medical university on Feio. Rudy still keeps close contact with her family on Seco during college and visits them during holidays/weekends.


Rudy has excellent bedside manners and personable skills with patients. She is also a very determined little zuraki and will work hard to reach her goals. Highly valuing logic and ethics, Rudy is a fairly logical zuraki and will use reason to solve her problems if it arises. Holding on strongly with her own set of ethics, you can trust that Rudy will give her best in giving treatment and care to others regardless of their background and the kind of people they might be.


Asides from being extremely easy to startle, like most Zurakis, Rudy doesn't have thumbs, which can hinder her progress if not wearing specialized gloves. Rudy is also a workaholic and has been known to wake up in the library because of studying late into the night. Rudy is also very easy to stress out and can snap at anyone who is annoying her while working or just simply being there at the wrong time. Although she has a strong passion for life, it also means she’s more than willing to give equal medical attention and treatment to harden criminals and has been taken advantage of because of this.


- Rudy has never been to her species’ homeworld, Zura.

- Rudy’s translator has a Southern accent and tends to use Western terminology when having a casual conversation.

- Absolutely hates her candy stripe uniform because of the not wanting to be mistaken for a piece of peppermint and it feels uncomfortable.

- She is also very fond of Aztec styled chocolate and will buy them in bulk when given the opportunity.

- Her Father is a Medic and her Mother is a scientist studying the wildlife on Seco. In short, a very brainy family.