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"Mind over matter."

Singular/Plural form:



Seraphs, Angels, etc.









Average Life Span:



Meritocratic Republic

Average Weight/Height:

115lb, 6'4"+

Playable Classes:

Lawman, Techie, Soldier, Medic, Other?


Taller, thinner humans sums them up nicely. They tend towards pale skin tones and light hair, with yellow, blue and green as their most common eye colours.

All possessing innate psionic abilities, the seraphim manifest their potential in the form of intangible wing-like features. These wings do not grant flight, although they are an easy visual indicator of the seraph's psionic power and control over that power. Some of the oldest and most powerful members of the race have four wings rather than two. A seraph that is mentally ill or seriously shaken will have damaged, ragged-looking wings, whereas those with exceptional control and power have clean, shining ones. The colour also reflects the 'social inclinations' of the seraph; those few that turn to Chaos tend to have black wings. This makes it impossible to hide one's agenda.


Seraphim are omnivorous in the organic sense, capable of eating meat, fruit and so on and so forth.

Several rumours suggest they can also 'eat' dreams and mental energy, but these are more likely misinterpretations of their psionic capabilities.


They're pretty much a carbon copy of humans. I don't think I need to explain this.


Seraphic is a peculiar 'language', as it is divided into a smaller group of languages, two of which are based on the speaker's psionic abilities. Any race can learn the vocal components of the language with time, although only those with genuine psionic potential can communicate as swiftly as Seraphim can between themselves.

It could be compared to the 'flux shifting' seen in Half-Life's Vortigaunts; to a human bystander watching two seraphim converse in full-blown seraphic, the conversation would be nigh incomprehensible... even if they understood the vocal components.

Race Relations[edit]

Being a race split between Order and Balance on top of being rather unbiased in their affairs means they have fairly cool/warm relations with all the other races. They can rarely find anything good or bad to say about most, although they have a rather low opinion of the Greys.


Seraphea is a large, lush, earth-like planet 'overrun' by local and imported wildlife. The surface serves as a sort of preserve, and travel to/from the surface is strictly regulated. The Seraphim themselves live in massive floating cities that drift gently across the landscape. The capital city, Seraphea, is the only one open to outsiders. Most others serve as large food production, manufacturing or research facilities rather than actual cities or towns.

The exact reason for their move into the floating cities is unknown, though it is known to have occurred several hundred years ago. Almost no sign of sentient habitation is left on the planet, and the seraphim will not reveal any details of the event to anyone.


Seraphic society is largely a republic, any citizen has the right for their voice to be heard in front of the council. The council itself is composed of the oldest and wisest members of a given branch of their society.


The only event to cause a major stir in the council was the first encounter with the Humans.

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