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"Never tell me the odds."

Class Type: Rounded


Playable Races:


Class Area:

None yet


Playable Races[edit]

Game Lore[edit]


Some abbreiviations are used. Such as TP for training points, #E for number of enemies, etc.

Name Syntax Level Description
Shoot First shootfirst 1 Who shot first? You shot first.

Like 'backstab' but for guns! Can only be used to initiate combat. More training points means more damage.

Pizazz pizazz 3 When used against a shopkeeper, it lowers their bargaining skill by (TP / 5).
Lock Pick lockpick 6 Picks open a lock. Locks with a difficulty of up to (TP) can be opened.
Sneak sneak 9 Become completely invisible for a short time. It lasts for 45 + (TP) seconds. Unlike the explorer's 'disguise', this skill can be used in combat.
Counterfeit counterfeit 12 Allows one to take scraps of plastic and forge them into credits. A piece of scrap will yield maybe 50-100 credits
Never tell me the odds! nevertellmetheodds 16 A passive skill that gives a huge bonus to luck when in dire staights!
Plant plant 20 When sneaking and not in combat it gives a chance to place a live explosive in a target's inventory. You need grenades or explosives for it to work. More training points helps avoid being spotted performing this task.
5 Finger Discount 5fingerdiscount 23 A passive skill that gives a +(TP/6) bonus to stealth and stealing.
He went that'a way! thatway 26 Tricks a target into running off in another direction for a bit. You must be sneaking for this to work. More training points may keep them distracted for longer.
Reflex reflex 30 Boosts speed and agility by 15 points for 10 + (TP) seconds. Cannot be used while in combat